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Hello and welcome to my About Me page. When I was growing up  I went to bed dreaming of meeting fashions designers like- Diane Von Furstenberg, Halston, Vivienne Westwood and Yves St. Laurent. I was sure that someday I too would get to Studio 54 and mingle with Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol, and Elton John. My teen life revolved around the latest issue of Vogue. Fashion and design were all I thought about and just after my high school graduation, I was accepted into a private fashion and design institute. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready for the kind of life a career in fashion would have brought to me and I gave my dream and the schooling that came with it up and moved back home.  That was over thirty years ago and a lot has happened in my life since then.

In 2007 I started following Heather Clawson at Habitually Chic. Heather really brought back to life my creative side. Her blog features her design style (she’s an interior designer), her travels, and people she knows or who have inspired her each day or along the way. It’s been a wonderful nine years of watching movies she has recommended- which were some of the first international films I had ever watched. I’m proud to say that international film is now my favorite genre. She also introduced me to Bill Cunningham (who just recently passed away) and Jeremiah Goodman (I’m a patron of his art) and a fiercely devoted fan of his on both FB and Instagram. The interior designers that I’ve been introduced to through her blog would make an endless list of visual inspiration. After a couple of years following Heather’s blog I began watching fashion documentaries and studying architecture anywhere, I could find it. I traveled to museums in NY, Minneapolis and Milwaukee to see art and fashion exhibits, and I am proud to say have studied interior design for nearly eight years now and put together my own interior design portfolio. What I left behind all those years ago is alive and well again. I am often encouraged by my husband to take the time to pursue my creative spirit and it is with that I decided to create this blog.

This blog features images that I have curated from all over the internet (credit is given). Sometimes I am inspired to want to see two different colors together or juxtapose metal and wood or brass and bamboo. My blog posts are not created by the simple act of pinning but rather by being inspired by a color, textile, hardwood or accent and then searching sites like Pinterest and many others for just the right photos. Once I have the photos I design a post to deliver to you my readers a beautiful post that highlights my thoughts and ideas on whatever subject has inspired me that month. I thoroughly enjoy the creative experience of being consumed by an idea and then going out and finding things created by others and putting them all together on this blog. There are so many really creative designers in the world. My Pinterest experience often had me so caught up in pinning that I was overlooking the sites some of these beautiful items originated from. This blog contains curated photos you can click on for Source and then you can go and find the sites from which I found the beautiful photos. Behind each photo is an artist, someone so very creative they deserve a second, a third a hundredth showing. Nothing on my blog is promotional or paid for by content. I am not affiliated with any of the websites I’ve linked to, I’m simply an admirer.

Of course, I have a certain aesthetic that has been highly influenced and inspired by the following people- Heather Clawson, Iris Apfel, Petra Blaisse, Nicky Haslam, Steven Gambrel, Charlotte Moss, Michael S. Smith, Ling Ye, Frank Lloyd Wright and Hella Jongerius. I’m very passionate about architecture and interior design and have enjoyed creating this blog. Cheers!

Disclaimer-Every attempt has been made to trace photos on this blog back to their original source.  My blog is my online creative outlet where I passionately pursue my creativity. It is not intended to take credit for others work or make any profit from it.


Hi, I’m the author and my name is  Kim. When not working on posts for this blog, I work as a CPA. My family and I live in Wisconsin in a home that is decorated in Modern Rustic design with an eclectic flair.

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