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Brown transferware is my favorite color of transferware. I think probably because at one time, maybe still? it was so hard to find. The process of creating transferware, back in the mid-eighteenth century, was to take a piece of tissue with the design on it and press–transfer onto a piece of ceramic and fire in a low temperature kiln to fix the design. You can imagine how much time, effort and accuracy it must have taken to complete say a set of dishes. Astonishing and very expensive. Transferware can be found in red, pink, purple, green, brown, blue, black, grey and yellow. Blue has been the favorite of most since the process was first created. What do you think? What’s your favorite color? Also I would love to add that the website from which most of these photos were curated- Cabin & Cottage is an absolute treasure. As far as beautiful photographs of transferware in every color– nothing else compared (on the internet) to the beauty of the photographs I found on this site.

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