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Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces cyan blue photos, this process also produces blueprints*. Cyan blue is one of my favorite blues so I can’t help but love cyanotype photos. The art of photography has really made a comeback in the last few years. Photo toning is taking a photo and changing it’s color with a chemical to make it a sepia toned or a cyan toned photo, thus creating a vintage looking photo. Nowadays instead of mixing chemicals in a lab to create this look it is done digitally.
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My favorite photo tone is sepia, like this one of my grandmother (baby) held by my great great great grandmother, and great great grandmother and great grandmother standing. I was thrilled when my third cousin once removed (whom I found in the UK) sent me this photo, along with a stack of other family photos, of family members I have been researching online for almost 20 years.

my great grandmother, my great great grandmother and my great great great grandmother (2) (1)

There are no cyan photos in the bunch but I was excited to receive two daguerreotype photos. A daguerreotype photo looks like the photo below. Daguerreotypes are mirror like images on metal. They were the earliest forms of pictures taken.


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