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Vintage photography there’s nothing like it. The images captured way back when were so authentic so real to life. No selfies among them, thank God. I love the humbleness the true modesty in the photos of yesteryear. For many years when I used to go garage saling, I would look for and purchase vintage photos. I would bring them home and set them around and pretend they were my grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and long lost cousins or such. Then this past year I was given photographs, vintage photographs of my ancestors. Ancestors I have spent my entire life searching for and missing. Women and men whom I’ve never met, and of course never will, who are a part of me. I treasure these photos and consider them among the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. One that is especially dear to me is one that has my great great grandmother, great grandmother and grandmother in it. A grandmother that I haven’t seen since I was four and remembered very clearly until just a few years ago. Once again I can look at my grandmother, a woman I’ve missed all of my life. Keeping these pictures safe is very important to me, so I spent the greater part of this past fall searching for the right frame. Unfortunately I came up empty handed, I’m not sure any frame will ever be just right for something so important to me. I hope this post will inspire you to take a closer look at vintage photography styles and help me find a frame worthy of my treasures.

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my great grandmother, my great great grandmother and my great great great grandmother (2) (1)




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