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Wool is my very favorite of textiles and really I love everything to do with wool. From the pastoral settings to the sheep grazing, then the shearing, washing, picking, carding and spinning of it. Pastoral is the theme in our home, pastoral and primitive. I’m not sure when it started but probably thirty odd years ago. Suddenly there were sheep paintings in every room. Then I began buying things made of felt and eventually purchasing a wool rug. From there my love of wool (and sheep)has just multiplied. This past fall I learned of Faribault Woolen Mill Company, a company in business since 1865 in Faribault Minnesota, partnering with Target to sell a line of scarves and bags. And I fell absolutely in love with what I found. Short of my husband and I buying a farm and raising our own sheep, which may or may not actually happen, we were having a hard time finding wool blankets. Not anymore. The quality, customer service and beauty of the goods at Faribault Woolen Mill Company is out of this world.  The site is here, I’m not being paid or comped to write this post in any way. I’m just passing on a great find and I know my Christmas list definitely includes a thing or two (ok three) from their line of woolens. What about you, do you like wool too?

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