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Alpine refers to the alps, which of course, are mountainous areas.  Alpine design can be a mix of anything that fits in a home that is often found in the mountains.  The first thing that comes to my mind, when thinking of alpine, is Swiss chalets. Swiss chalets have greatly influenced what we today call- Alpine interior design. One might of seen a good deal of Tyrolean Folk Art displayed along with Swiss and Austrian touches here and there. The overall feel of the chalet would have been rustic rather than modern with hand painted chests and armoires, exposed construction beams, and decorative wood carvings. I recently stayed in a cabin in Michigan that was an eclectic mix of Alpine interior design (lots of folk art), mixed with a bit of Southwestern design style (Navajo wall hangings) and modern chic (faux antlers along side a stunning chandelier).  I think the Navajo wall hangings were my favorite, adding warmth to each room they were hung in. For some it’s the last weekend for cabin/chalet escape until winter brings snow and skiing. How do you make a room cozy and warm? Do you like Alpine interior design style?

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