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I collect ceramic tiles from Portugal and my husband collects blue and white tiles from the Netherlands, so it goes without saying that ceramic tiles are some of our favorite collectables. They come in various colors, design, glazed or unglazed, handpainted and from every part of the world. They were used in early times as exterior cladding to buildings. Nowadays they are used in showers, on floors, for sink backsplash, really everywhere. Like they were 4000 years ago, ceramic tiles are very much a part of the design of our homes today. Which one’s your favorite?

tile-1 tile-6 tile-2 tiles-9  tiles-10 tile-8tile-4 tile-7 tile-5

Source– picture 1,2,5,7,10-12,   Source – picture 3, Source -picture 9, Source – picture 4,6, 8